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October 27, 20200
Utah Center Photo

Following that famous saying, that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, the Stunners along with the rest of the NVA have certainly found that light. It has been confirmed by the NVA that the Utah Stingers will be hosting the NVA Showcase tournament from November 5th to the 8th. 


Utah is known for its electric volleyball fanbase, being home to the power-house BYU program, who has been a top-3 NCAA team consistently over the past 20 years and has been known to experience rowdy sellout crowds. The NVA tournament will be the first professional volleyball event held in Utah, and will be the first time that all eight teams will be able to compete against each other. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the tournament will not be allowed to host any fans, in order to prevent the spreading of the virus and to protect the athletes and workers involved in the showcase. The tournament will be streamed online through NVA’s website, NVA app, and through NVA’s YouTube account. Livescore and stats will also be updated in real time through NVA’s website. The Stunners and the rest of the NVA are incredibly grateful for the Utah Athletic Center for hosting and allowing the tournament to take place.


Below you will find the format of the tournament:


Pool Play (Both Conferences)


Stingers vs Matadors – Thursday @ 8:00 am                                                          

Blaze vs Matadors – Thursday @ 1:00 pm

Stingers vs Tyrants – Thursday @ 6:00 pm

Blaze vs Tyrants – Friday @ 10:30 am

Matadors vs Tyrants – Friday @ 3:30 pm

Stingers vs Blaze – Friday @ 8:30 pm



Stunners vs Exposure – Thursday @ 10:30 am

Freedom vs Ramblers – Thursday @ 3:30 pm

Stunners vs Ramblers – Thursday @ 8:30 pm

Freedom vs Exposure – Friday @ 8:00 am

Exposure vs Ramblers – Friday @ 1:00 pm

Stunners vs Freedom – Friday @ 6:00 pm


Pool Challenge

3NC v 4AC Saturday @ 10 am

3AC v 4NC Saturday @ 1 pm


8-team playoff bracket (6 team playoff)

Top six teams will make it into a playoff with the first two teams getting a bye, with single elimination with a 3rd place match


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