FansVolleyballA closer look at the 2020 Stunners team.

May 1, 20200

A closer look at the 2020 Stunners team

Stunners fans get to enjoy a star-studded cast of volleyball athletes this year. Outside hitters like the legendary Matt Hilling, high flying bouncers with a plethora of professional experience like Ray Szeto and Steve Hunt, and hitters with heavy velocity like John Predney, and recent NCAA National champion Louis Richard are enough to excite. But the list goes on.

With the two Nicks in the middle, two-time NCAA National Champion Nick Amado and Nick West, a big Shayne Beamer who has been lifting heavy at his home gym during quarantine, and Nikita Stulenkov from Russia, we have a lot in the way to block the opponents attackers.

On the right side, you will see the powerful arm-swing of Johannes Brink, the intelligent lefty, Johl Awerkamp, and the clutch intensity of Dillon Emery.

Setting for the Stunners is Isaiah “Pono” Kaaa and John “Big Dog” Eddins. Andrew Sato is our libero who holds the current record at Long Beach State University for most career digs and he is nothing short of the best libero in the league. The backbone to the defense and the leader of the passers, it would be well-advised to look out for this special defender.

Head Coach of the Stunners is the experienced Kirk Francis and our in-house Physical Trainer is the highly respected, Panos Stavrou.

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