SeasonNVA Announces New Tournament Sight for April, May, and June.

April 13, 20210

The NVA has announced that there will be a change in venue for the upcoming tournament from the 23rd to the 25th at Pearce Sports Facilities in San Bernadino, CA. Pearce Sports Facilities is home to Rancho Valley Volleyball Club, and also an elite epicenter for volleyball training and clinics for groups of all ages. Pearce Sports Facility and Rancho Valley Volleyball Club present themselves as the elite and premier volleyball club and facility of the Inland Empire.

So what does this move mean for the Stunners and the rest of the NVA? To begin, NVA has four teams on the West Coast (this includes the Las Vegas Ramblers who are only a 2:30 drive away from San Bernadino) which allows for cheaper travel and accommodations for the West Coast teams. It also allows the fans of the West Coast teams to watch and support the teams that they love in a timely manner, instead of adjusting to the Texas time zone. The tournament being in San Bernadino also gives a slight edge to the West Coast teams as they will be allowed to commute from the tournament home, allowing for a slight home court advantage, as every athlete prefers sleeping in the bed in their home as opposed to one in a hotel room. The Stunners are looking to make a strong debut this year, as signing multiple new athletes and with a vengeance for their finals loss in Utah back during the NVA 2020 Showcase.

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